U.S. special forces using heavy metal music to fight Taliban.

US special forces fighting in Afghanistan to expel the Taliban…

US special forces fighting in Afghanistan to expel the Taliban have found a new weapon as part of their “psychological operations” in Helmand province in southern Afghanistan- heavy metal music.

According to reports, when insurgents open fire in the region, an armoured vehicle wired up to powerful speakers plays heavy metal and rock music at deafening sounds, so loud that it can be heard up to a mile away.

“Taliban hate that music. Some locals complain, but it’s a way to push them to choose. It’s motivating Marines as well,” The Telegraph quoted a sergeant involved in the operation, as saying.

The sergeant added that they also broadcast messages from the Afghan Government, as well as threats to the Taliban.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Colonel Brian Christmas, the commander of US Marines in northern Marjah, said he was unaware of the musical psychological operations.

“It’s inappropriate. I’m going to ask this to stop right now,” he added.

Source: Yahoo! News

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  • OPS

    Remember…The US “special forces” are using this tactic, so the marine LTC will get a verbal “YES” we will, with a “NO” we ain’t look, that’s if it’s not over a SAT phone.

  • rich

    This is awesome! I wish we did this while i was over there! And to LTC Christmas, get a life, if it is motovating your young Marines, why would you try and stop it?? As a place were morale is already low, why would you try and make it worse? Thats just bad leadership from an officer that has not lived the life as a Grunt, But as a spoiled officer!!!!

  • Locke

    Very effective, in my humble opinion. It simultaniously invigourates the troops while demoralizing their foes. Excellent idea, perhaps it’ll gain some traction.