USSG Z98 Hunting Rifle

US Sporting Goods is proud to bring the Zastava Z98…

US Sporting Goods is proud to bring the Zastava Z98 rifle to the US Market. The Mauser 98 set the standard for bolt action rifle actions a long time ago. Zastava took this military style bolt action and put it into the perfect hunting rifle. For a long time, the only way to get the Mauser action in a quality hunting rifle was to build one yourself, or have it custom built. The Z98 is all of that and more right out of the box. The Z98 features control round feed to ensure proper cartridge seating and ejection every time. Standard features include solid steel floor plate, forged & machined steel trigger guard, bolt and receiver, hammer forged steel barrel, forged and machined steel bolt handle, superior strength, smooth reliable cartridge feed for accuracy, large claw extractor, positive thumb safety and a non glare finish. The Z98 drilled & tapped for most popular scope mounts.

Caliber: 243WIN, 270WIN, 308WIN, 30-06SPR, 7MMREM, 300WIN, 375H&H & 458WIN
Overall Length: 42.25″ (7MMREM & 300WIN-44.25″)
Barrel Length: 22″ (7MMREM & 300WIN-24″)
MSRP: $522 – $715

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