Valkyrie Armament LLC Belt-fed, Semi-Automatic AR-15 Style Rifle

North Ridgeville, OH, September 27, 2010: In a continually shifting…

North Ridgeville, OH, September 27, 2010: In a continually shifting world of firearms gadgetry, today’s discriminating second amendment protector is finally offered an AR-15 style rifle that utilizes time proven technology of Colt in a belt-fed configuration.

Valkyrie Armament

The Belt-fed, Semi-Automatic rifle (BSR – Mod 1) borrows from the original Stoner/Colt belt-fed design and utilizes modern technology to precisely machine the removable belt box and feed tray mechanism that converts a standard AR-15 style rifle into a belt-fed, semi-automatic support weapons platform. Coupled with the proven design concepts from the original Colt system , Valkyrie Armament LLC can now provide all riflemen and women with a weapons platform that can utilize a virtually unlimited ammunition supply.

Valkyrie Armament

Maintaining 85% parts compatibility, modifications to the upper receiver and lower receiver in the form of cut outs and a bolt carrier drive system are the only design changes.

Complete BSR – Mod 1 weapon systems are available in addition to customer supplied conversions.,

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  • David

    I don not think it would be as much a problem since it is not a automatic weapon.

  • Mr.T

    Omg its not even piston driven.

  • Jarret

    I only have one question. Why would anyone want a belt fed SEMI AUTO rifle?

  • Jonny V

    Is this an open or closed bolt design?

  • Mr.Pimms

    Hope they get a nice and thick barrel. Gonna need it if you plan on rocking box after box of ammo.