Vandal BR-5 Break and Rake Tool for SWAT Operations

The new Vandal BR-5 is the ultimate break and rake…

The new Vandal BR-5 is the ultimate break and rake tool needed for your SWAT operations. The length of the tool is 59” and weighs 9.5 lbs. The two break-head design allows the operator a greater tactical advantage when breaking and clearing out an opening.


The new “hammer plate” located at the base of the “Y” will pound out both the vertical and horizontal window supports. The break heads were also engineered to punch out top and bottom sliding windows on school and commuter busses. The laser cut teeth on the break heads will pull fabric and window blinds from the opening. Two rake fins near the break head assist in removing stubborn glass captured by window moldings, etc. The D-Handle and shaft of the Vandal are resin coated for a good firm grip. The Vandal is another tool which will give your team the tactical advantage in breaching and clearing windows.

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