Vang Comp Mossberg 500 12 Gauge | Police Shotgun Review

The Vang Comp Mossberg 500 shotgun, a Custom Tactical Cruiser, becomes a close quarter POWER TOOL!


Is the shotgun still a viable defensive tool? Might we be better served with a rifle or carbine? These questions have been open to a lot of discussion lately, particularly within law enforcement agencies. Many outfits either supplement their shotguns with rifles or have swapped them altogether. Despite the fact that the shotgun has pretty much been written off by some folks, I strongly feel its days are far from over. In the years to come, the role of the shotgun will be redefined both as a lethal and less-lethal weapons system.

untitled-1.gifCritics of the police shotgun are often quick to point out what they feel are the shortcomings that make it an inferior fighting tool. Low capacity, heavy recoil, and limited range are among the negative traits often cited however, all of these issues can be mitigated one way or another. Today, one can purchase extremely well designed combat shotguns from the major players or have that plain vanilla smoothbore tricked out with all the right stuff from any number of highly accomplished gunsmiths.

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  • greg

    the shotgun dead? what moron thought that up. it is the best weapon for inside 100 yards and thats that. add a multi choke cutts and load up the slugs and you make anyone a target armored or not .I hope my local police dont trade theirs in on a m4 or a remington 700 because they arent what most patrol officers need. The other drawback to the rifle is that it requires much more training than a shotgun. Should rifles be issued ,yes,can they re place the shotgun absolutely not

  • The shotgun is still an effective fighting arm in modern times. It was effective in the Civil war, WW1 and WW2, Korea, Vietnam, and previous and current middle east wars.
    And until a few federal laws are done away with, shotguns will be as they are designed.
    We’ve put men on the freaking-moon, we can certainly make a modern shotgun for modern problems.
    *Rifled shotgun barrels are not unheard of.
    *Magazine fed shotguns are gaining popularity.
    *Full-auto shotguns are being made such as the AA12.
    But until then… the fighting 12ga will still be 5-9 rounds much like the Mossberg 590’s, & Remington 1100’s.

  • Mark

    If some jackoff breaks into my house, I want a weapon that is excellent in close quarters combat. I want either a semi-auto or an auto 12 gauge shotgun. When I pull the rack back on my beast, I want who ever’s in my house to know what I have and that I’ve just chambered a round. I can guarantee that the intruder will be going right back out the way he came in and if he’s suicidal to continue coming toward me, I’ll pepper the idiot with a round of rock salt. If that doesn’t discourage him, I’ll give him a round of buck shot. If he’s on PCP, he gets the rest of my shells in double ought buck. Point is, 99% of wanna be bad asses will shit themselves and run as soon as you rack that weapon. “CHA-CHUNG”