Venezuela plans a ‘guerrilla army’ against US invasion.

AFP PHOTO/Luis ACOSTA Venezuela is training a "guerrilla army" aiming…


Venezuela is training a “guerrilla army” aiming to be a million strong by 2013 to fight off a possible US invasion, an opposition lawmaker said Sunday.

“Plan Sucre” — apparently crafted with input from close ally and fellow US foe Cuba — covers the legal, logistical and other angles necessary to “transform a professional army into a guerrilla army,” Representative Maria Corina Machado told El Universal newspaper.

The former presidential candidate said she had obtained a copy of the plan, printed by an institution affiliated with the national army.

“The strategic objective is to build a new Bolivarian military doctrine” that would prepare Venezuela to be successful in a prolonged popular war against “the empire,” or the United States, Machado said, citing the document.

“This is clearly a proposal with Cuban inspiration and advice.”

She said the military plan also provides for strengthening the guerrilla force at the expense of the regular army.

The plan calls for “strengthening the territorial militias, in order to ensure the necessary strength for the overall defense of the nation, targeting recruitment levels of one million by 2013 and two million by 2019,” Machado said, citing the document.

Source: AFP

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  • Matt

    This is laughable. We don’t want to take Venezuela but if we ever did we would squash their so-called army like a bug.

  • Invasion by the U.S.
    Venezuela. That’s rich. ’cause they have SO much that I want! Ha! I love these tin-pot dictators. They totally screw up their countries, then think that WE want it? Right. Whatever gets you through your day, “ugo”.

  • RB

    Nut cases only need to “feel threatened”, in order to get sympathy from the world, especially when your country ain’t got squat. But O’Bozo just got a “Peace Prize”? Any drones left over?

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    and after he dies then the militia will tear each other apart for the power so keep up the good work chavez!

  • AbnRanger’84

    Venezuela’s paranoia about “The Empire” will evaporate after Dictator Hugo Pendejo-Chavez dies of cancer.