Veterans group to protest deployment of wounded soldiers.

A group of war veterans angry about what they call…

A group of war veterans angry about what they call the unacceptable practice of deploying wounded soldiers back into war zones will hold a rally Thursday.

“I was denied treatment for the mental and physical wounds I sustained in battle, like so many others,” said Iraq war veteran Ethan McCord. “This campaign is critical for soldiers because we are asserting our right to heal. Now, the government has a choice — will it recognize our right to heal, or continue to deny it?”

The group, called Iraq Veterans Against the War, says it will gather in Washington D.C. outside Walter Reed Army Medical Center on Thursday morning, the ninth anniversary of the war in Afghanistan. The group will then march six miles to Capitol Hill.

The group says redeploying soldiers suffering from physical and mental ailments has led to many suicides.

Source: CNN

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