VIDEO: Highly Sophisticated Mexican Drug Cartels, Operate in 200 U.S. City

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  • Dan

    I agree with Sen. Webb, we need to do something about criminals and Gangs coming into our country. The Gangsters come into out communities and set up shope and disregard our laws. Why do we sit back and do nothing? The polititians muzzle our law enforcement officers and burn them for doing their job when they hurt Gangsters who resist them. The news media is on the side of the criminals and the weak left, who give Gangster the Green Light to operate at will. Instead of bailing out GM and other worthless Auto companies with Billions with a B, give law enforcement some money the hire more cops, give them state of the art gear and training. God help us, we need help. Our worst Enemy realy is our weak, and worthless Polititians.

  • Anon

    Thank you, Sen. for Web, for pointing out the ludicrousness of the suggestion a drug cartel member traveling to the US, getting a license + background check, and dropping thousands of dollars on an automatic weapon when they could get the same gear from their own countries black market for a few hundred dollars.