Video: Israeli company develops software making combat vehicles invisible to thermal imaging surveillance sensors.

Thermal stealth technology being developed by the Israeli company Eltics…

Thermal stealth technology being developed by the Israeli company Eltics promises to render military vehicles, combat helicopters and even entire naval surface ships invisible to thermal imaging surveillance sensors, targeting systems or missile seekers employing thermal sensors. The patented system, dubbed ‘Black Fox’ is designed to be applied as an add-on layer, on top of existing armor, or be embedded into the outer layer, comprising one layer in the ‘onion ring’ defensive concept of modern platforms.

‘Black Fox’ is an Active, Adaptive Multi-Spectral Stealth technology applicable to land, airborne and naval vessels. The concept has been in development since 2006 and was recently demonstrated in field experiments, demonstrating the ability to effectively blend parts of the platform into the background, while on the move.

The active stealth suite can be applied to totally conceal a large object, like a relocatable, forward command post, requiring stealth, in order to conceal the entire platform from overhead observation and targeting.

When applied on combat vehicles, the ‘Black Fox’ is designed to cover almost the entire platform, gaining the advantage of full stealth concealment from all sides, including top view. Yet, according to Ronen Meir, Eltics CEO, wrapping the entire vehicle is not mandatory – even partial application will also significantly gain in reducing the probability of detection at long and medium ranges.

Source: Defense Update

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