The VR1 Semi-Automatic Rifle (PSR) Precision Sniper Rifle manufactured by…

The VR1 Semi-Automatic Rifle (PSR) Precision Sniper Rifle manufactured by Vigilance Rifles was designed to be light, mobile, accurate and dependable. It is 5 shot Semi-Automatic Rifle with a quick detachable magazine. The system has interchangeable upper receiver-barrels for multiple caliber capability with one rifle system. It uses a Rotary Screw bolt and fixed ejector for high rate fire.

The lower receiver is CNC machined from aircraft aluminum, the upper receiver made from 17-4 PH Stainless Steel securely attaches to the lower receiver at 2 points without the use of tools. It is field strippable in less than 60 seconds. Upon reassembly there is no impact change, the optics are always attached to the upper receiver-barrel assembly. The rifle is equipped with a titanium muzzle brake; Limb saver recoil system and two-stage 4 lb. trigger to improve shooter confidence and accuracy.

The 338 Lapua cartridges is (NATO) and is widely accepted as the best sniper cartridge of this century.
It is also available in the 408 Cheytac cartridges, which has a longer effective range than the 50 BMG.

Cartridge: 338 Lapua / 408 Cheytac
Operation: Semi-Automatic
Locking: 3 Lug Rotary Screw
Feed: Auto-loading detachable magazine

Capacity: 5 rounds

Overall: 52 Inches

Barrel: 24 inch Chromoly, 6 lands / 6 grooves
Sights: Mil Spec. Picatinny rail
Weight: 17 lb.
Options: 30 db Silencer, Leupold Optics, Digital Paint

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  • T Elliott

    I have had the opportunity to fire this weapon. Recoil is minimal and easy to handle. It is obviously a well made weapon and feels solid in your hands. Customer service and communication with the company is very good. No negative issues to report.

    • I had the privilage to shoot this rifle and all i can say is wow. Follow up shots are easy and the recoil is minimal for a caliber this size. The accuracy is amazing for a semi-auto, it groups like a good bolt action. The use of aluminum and titanium make it light enough to take hunting.

  • todd

    That is an awesome weapon.
    Wouldn’t want to be on the wrong end of it!
    The videos are pretty cool as well.