VLTOR Fortis

The Bren Ten (bottom pistol in picture) is one of…

The Bren Ten (bottom pistol in picture) is one of the most important and historically significant pistols created because it was endorsed by Jeff Cooper. The design never achieved its potential due to manufacturing issues in the 1980s, but it created the first platform to fire a 10mm cartridge, which eventually led to the development of the .40 S&W cartridge loaded in today’s most popular LE pistol: the Glock 22.

VLTOR, known for their AR accessories and uppers, is on the verge of finalizing production for the highly anticipated re-issue of the Bren Ten. Vltor calls their version the “Fortis.” Most features are similar to the original Bren Ten including grip texture. Hopefully VLTOR will be able to keep up with the demand once the gun hits stores!

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