Volquartsen introduces mid-priced .17 HMR semi-auto rifle

Volquartsen’s new  TF-17 mid-price rifle is number fourteen in the…


Volquartsen’s new  TF-17 mid-price rifle is number fourteen in the rimfire specialist’s  growing  offering of high performance, ultra dependable .17 HMR semi-autos. Like Volquartsen’s other .

17 HMRs, the new TF-17 features a blowback design. To help handle the increased pressure of the .17 HMR round, the TF-17 also utilizes a precision engineered and machined counterweight system attached to the CNC machined steel bolt. The weight is located in the front of the receiver and concealed in the stock. The new TF-17 also includes Volquartsen’s exclusive TG2000 trigger unit,  tuned to a crisp, clean 2.25” trigger pull, plus a black matte coated stainless steel barrel. The TF-17 is a true custom built rifle but has a suggested retail price of just $1041 and is also available in .22 WMR  caliber.  volquartsen.com

TF-17 Specifications:

-Barrel: Stainless steel, 1:9” twist, 18.5” length
-Receiver: CNC machined aluminum receiver (hard anodized)
-Stock: Ambidextrous birch stock with 14” LOP
-Magazine: Rotary 9-round magazine
-Mount: Picatinny mil spec rail
-Weight: 8.5 lbx.
-Trigger: 2.25 lb Volquartsen TG2000 trigger installed
-Accuracy: Sub-MOA 5-shot groups.

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  • gary hansen

    $1041 ain’t midpriced for .22 mag