VP Biden, Iraqi leaders praise troops’ sacrifices.

Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday thanked U.S. and Iraqi…

Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday thanked U.S. and Iraqi troops for sacrifices that he said allowed for the end of the nearly nine-year-long war, even as attacks around the country killed 20 people, underscoring the security challenges Iraq still faces.

Biden’s comments came during a special ceremony at Camp Victory, one of the last American bases in this country where the U.S. military footprint is swiftly shrinking. The ceremony was hosted by the Iraqi government as a way to commemorate the sacrifices of U.S., Iraqi and coalition forces during the nearly nine-year-long war.

“Because of you and the work that those of you in uniform have done, we are now able to end this war,” Biden told the hundreds of American and Iraqi service members assembled at Al Faw palace, which was built by Saddam Hussein.

Source: Rebecca Santana for the Associated Press.

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