VZ FRAG x Ned Christiansen 1911 Grips

A new grip design and collaboration between Ned Christiansen of…

A new grip design and collaboration between Ned Christiansen of Michiguns and VZ Grips. Ned has been doing this front strap treatment on 1911s for the past decade. It was time to take it up a notch and add it to some matching grips.


Ned not only is a well known Gunsmith / Machinist / Dreamer… but an active competitor since the mid 70s.


The FRAG grips are an offspring of one of Ned’s front strap treatments. It kind of resembles a fragmentation grenade, hence the name. It was only time before it ended up as texture on a gun grip. The grip measures .200” in thickness which puts it between a slim and a regular .250” 1911 grip. The use of slim bushings and screws are necessary. The texture of the FRAG grip is a comfortable medium purchase on the palm and the more you grip them the more bite you get. They are offered in full size Government for now, other variations are soon to come.



USE:  Carry, Tactical, Range
HARDWARE: Slim Bushings and Screws Needed
OPTIONS:  Bobtail, Ambi-cut, Mag Release Thumb Relief

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