Handles Like A Walther If you like the Walther P22,…

Handles Like A Walther
If you like the Walther P22, you’ll love the new Walther Pistol Kompakt – PK380.  German engineering delivers .380 power into an ambidextrous, lightweight, comfortable shooting pistol in nearly the same size as the popular Walther P22.  MSRP $362.00

Lightweight Polymer Grip
External Hammer
Ambidextrous Magazine Release
Ambidextrous Manual Safety
Picatinny-Style Accessory Rail
Includes One Magazine

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  • Sass

    We’ve had the PK380 for a year and really like it. Nice size, easy to handle, no problems. Would buy another one.

  • Larry Aldrich

    I was at a class yesterday and one lady had the PK380. I was really anxious to see how it worked since I have been interested in a small 380 for some time and it looked so cool. I think I may pass on this weapon. We fired 100 rounds. Too many mis feeds to count, the safety ended up being broke, and the front sight somehow fell off. As the range instructor summed it up….a very dangerous weapon. I’d recommend getting something else.

  • Edward

    Since I purchased the Walther pk380 I probably put 300 or so rounds through it. There have no misfires or troubles of any type. I really enjoy this gun but wish their were less problems securing the ammo.

  • Don Brabants

    I purchased a new PK380 and right out of the box it shot great, was very accurate and fit comfortably in my hand. I also own a Walther PPK/S and P22 but this one is my favorite to shoot and carry. The trigger pull was light and the frame absorbed the recoil very well with no bite like the PPK/S. For around $400 it’s a great good deal.

  • Derek

    I had the pistol for three weeks, brought it to the range once with no issues. A friend of mine dropped the hammer, and the safety broke in half! Walther is fixing it at no cost. Maybe enough people have had this issue.

  • Jeremy

    Bought a PK380 fired 50 rounds through it. wanted to test the effectiveness of the safety, so with a round chambered I pulled the trigger. ONE snap of the hammer and the safety block broke in half. This is a serious safety issue, what is the point of having a manual safety that does not do it’s job?

  • joseph

    I got this pistol for myself but my wife loved it so much she took it for herself. We took our CHL class and she used it for the class and I used my Glock 17. She did great at the range. She has put approx. 100 rounds thought it without any misfeeds. The only draw back is 380 rounds are hard to get. So I got her the P22 because it’s almost the same as the PK380 to pratice with. .22 long rifle ammo is ceap and easy to get. I will get a PK380 for myself next month, you can never have to many guns.

  • Micah Lewis

    I purchased my walther pk380 less than a week ago and haven’t even gotten to fire the weapon yet. I went to go shoot with a couple of friends and the weapon wouldn’t fire so I removed the top slide and the trigger saftey was broken off. So now the weapon is useless. Walther said that its not a factory flaw and that I may have to pay to get it fixed. That was going to be my ccw weapon and its really making me secong guess wether or not that weapon is right for me to protect my self and my family.