Wanted Taliban Leader Not Afraid of U.S., Claims Afghan Intelligence Agents Share Info to Militants

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PESHAWAR, Pakistan – A top Taliban leader with a $5 million bounty on his head claims that Afghan intelligence agents are sharing information with Taliban militants about U.S. and NATO troop movements. An NBC foreign news correspondent was able to get an interview with Sirajuddin Haqqani, who claims that Taliban fighters are now more resourceful than in the past: “We have acquired the modern technology that we were lacking and we have mastered new and innovative methods of making bombs and explosives,” Haqqani explained.

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  • BangBang

    If this Taliban leader has a $5M bounty on his head WHY THE HELL IS NBC DOING AN INTERVIEW WITH HIM AND NOT RELEASING INFORMATION ABOUT WHERE HE IS?!?! Was the correspondent killed after the interview? Is NBC really that stupid to take an interview with him and not tell authorities about it first? Is the NBC correspondent a member of the Taliban who’s just trying to spread the message to his ‘brethren’ by providing a mass media outlet DIRECTLY TO THE TERRORIST LEADER?!? If none of the above are true, then there better be a good excuse as to why this Taliban psycho was not apprehended then and there… otherwise NBC should probably be sued by the Government for Conspiracy or… acting as an accomplice to Taliban Militant activity. WTF is going on?!