Weatherby Mark V TRR .300 Win Mag

To folks on the sporting/hunting side of the house, the…

To folks on the sporting/hunting side of the house, the name Weatherby means well-made, aesthetically pleasing and powerful hunting rifles. Many would not associate the California firearms maker with tactical products. Nonetheless, Weatherby indeed has a line of TRR (Threat Response Rifle) Magnums in their custom line.

markel.jpgThe rifle reviewed herein is of course chambered in .300 Win Mag. There are others chambered in .300 Wby Mag, .30-378 Wby Mag, and .338-378 Wby Mag. The larger rifles have 28-inch barrels with an Accubrake muzzle brake on them.

This particular rifle has a 26-inch fluted barrel with a recessed target crown. The barrel is free-floated and the action is bedded into a black composite stock. The stock itself is fully adjustable for length-of-pull (LOP) and comb height. Under the forend, Weatherby has installed a track to allow the shooter to move the forward sling stud and additional bipod forward or back.

At the rear of the stock you will find a Pachmayr Decelerator buttpad. A desert camouflage pattern can be custom ordered as well. The bolt action is Weatherby’s famed Mark V with a nine-lug bolt. The rifle holds three rounds of the big .300 cartridge. The trigger is factory tuned and adjustable.

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  • Jon

    I have a practically brand new threat Response Custum magnum for sale. Its black and chambered in the 30-378 magnum. Only seven rounds shot from this rifle!

  • i’m looking at buying one of your weatherby mark v 300 win mag. i would be wanting it exported to new zealand is that possible? also can it take a magazine that can take more that 2 rouns of amo in?
    cheers blair

  • nobody

    bell and carlson makes that stock as well as composit stock in traditional weatherby style. i know you can buy one for the remington 700 BDL but i dont see an offering for a mark v. weatherby may be able to sell you one.

  • Spc Nakunz

    I have a Weatherby Mark V 30-378cal. Ive been looking for the same stock that is on the Weatherby Mark V TRR .300 Win Mag. Can yall tell me were I can find the stock to purchuse it. Thank you for yalls time.

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