Weatherby PA-459 12 Gauge Tactical Shotgun

The Weatherby PA-459 is a 21st century scattergun designed from the ground up for tactical operations!


Weatherby’s 12-gauge PA-459 Home Defense Shotgun is designed from the ground up as a tactical-style defensive shotgun. It features ghost ring sights, Picatinny rail for optics as well as an integral rail on the fore-end. Capacity is 4+1 with 3” shells and 5+1 with 2¾” shells. For more information, visit

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  • David

    Got mine on Feb 12th and haven’t shot it yet. I guess that’s what 3 jobs does to my free time. I’m not too keen on the front sight being so tall, but that’s what happens when they don’t consult me first. I wish companies like Hogue would get busy making accessories for it like rubberized pistol grip foregrips with weaponlight attachments or some magazine extensions with a barrel support clamp and some shell holders would be nice.

  • Just picked up this shotgun yesterday for 400 bucks. Put 100 rounds of target load through it today and no issues whatsoever. The sights are great and were already zeroed in at 25 yds. Haven’t found any drawbacks yet other than the length of the weapon, kinda tight indoors. Rails top and bottom are great.