New for 2010! Designed specifically for long-range tactical situations. The…


New for 2010! Designed specifically for long-range tactical situations.

The Weatherby SUB-MOA TRR is guaranteed to shoot a 3-shot group of .99″ or less when used with premium (non-Weatherby calibers) or factory ammunition. Each rifle is test-fired in their state-of-the-art range and comes with a factory-shot target using the Oehler 83 Ballistic Imaging System.  MSRP $3,999.00

* 26″ Krieger Custom Cut #3 contour barrel (.750 muzzle diameter)
* Hand-tuned, fully adjustable trigger (factory set at 3 lbs. with sear engagement set at .008 to .014)
* Hand-honed action to assure 100% lug contact with the receiver
* Hand-laminated stock with CNC 6061 T-6 aluminum bedding system features 3-position buttstock—adjustable for LOP, drop at heel and cant of the pad
* Stock also features #6 slide for bi-pod attachment
* Drop box magazine “plus one” capacity

The Mark V SUB-MOA TRR Package includes:
* Leupold® Mark 4 4.5-14x50MM LR/T M1 with illuminated TMR reticle and BDC Dials (mounted, bore-sighted and accuracy-tested at the Weatherby range
* Talley Mil-spec Picatinney rings/bases and Harris® Model L bi-pod
* Weatherby Magnum aluminum rifle case

overview_mark5_submoa_trr_boltThe D.D. Ross-designed tactical-style bolt knob provides additional length and weight to improve grasp and cycling. Matte finish is blued steel for added durability.

overview_mark5_submoa_trr_brakeConstructed of A151 1020 stress-proof steel. The muzzle brake features high discharge ports for 90-degree lateral gas dispersion to eliminate dust blow-up. Reduces felt recoil up to 48 percent.

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  • Oren

    Where can I buy the stock? Or another tactical style stocks for the vanguard long action in 300 win mag. But would prefer the TRR stock. So sick

  • Jon

    I do own this rifle in the 30-378 caliber.
    It’s ballistics seem to outperform the 338 lapua on paper.
    I love this rifle. The muzzle brake combined with the factory recoil pad makes it a pleasure to shoot. It really is fun to shoot!!
    I use the 180 grain weatherby rounds and get less than 1 moa every time. I am actually pleasantly suprised on how accurate it is! I have shot 400 rounds from my rifle and still get less than 1 moa.

  • Vance Cummings

    Does anyone have this Rifle? What is your experience with it and the sub 1.5 MOA guarantee? How does this compare to other tactical rifles like the Barrett M107 or say the Desert Tactical .338 Lapua Mag with a 1.0 MOA? Yes I realize that is a tough question due to the fact they are not the same caliber so comparison is not easy or accurate due to the fact application may vary and thus one may be superior to the other I am talking ballistics for the first 1760 yards. Bench rest application.