WEBSTER INNOVATIONS’ Tactical Microphone Keeper

Invented by a law enforcement officer who saw the need…


Invented by a law enforcement officer who saw the need for a better way to attach a remote microphone to a uniform, the TMK enhances officer safety while at the same time presents a professional image for the officer, deputy, paramedic or firefighter and the Agency.


Public safety radios are highly reliable, but not easy to use when placed on the uniform belt. Remote microphone-speaker devices are designed to be kept near the officer’s ear, but are hard to firmly attach oftentimes resulting in the loss of radios during foot chases. The patented design of the TMK is the result of research to develop a simple, efficient and cost effective method to safely attach the microphone ON the uniform. The TMK is constructed of tough polymer which will withstand the harsh environment of on-the-street conditions.

For more information, visit www.tacticalmickeeper.com

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  • Zach

    Awesome product.