WILEY X’s Hybrid Glove

Wiley X's new Hybrid Glove is constructed using a lightweight…


Wiley X’s new Hybrid Glove is constructed using a lightweight Nomex/Kevlar weave throughout the fingers and the back of the hand, providing extra flame resistance and cut protection. It also features a removable, patent-pending injection molded knuckle protector, designed to protect this vital and vulnerable area of the hand against impact and abrasion, and to allow users to tailor the glove to the protection requirements at hand.

The Wiley X Hybrid Glove is crafted from flame resistant, treated goatskin, combining superior durability and protection with the enhanced manual dexterity Warfighters need in wiley3.gifevery situation. These advanced gloves are leather reinforced in high-wear areas and come with an adjustable cuff for a custom, comfortable fit. Available sizes include Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and XX-Large, further enhancing fit and protection for a wide range of personnel.

The Wiley X Hybrid Glove is custom designed to match U.S. military uniforms and is available in Foliage Green (Model G242) or Coyote Brown (Model G241). A sturdy clip strap is also included to make these gloves easy to store and transport.

The Wiley X Hybrid Glove is Flame Resistant Combat Glove Authorized Product List (FRCGAPL) approved and complies with the following standards and regulations: ASTM D 6413 Flame Resistance, ASTM F 1790 Fabric Cut Resistance and NFPA 1971-07 Thermal and Heat Resistance.

For more information on this and other Wiley X products, visit www.wileyx.com

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