Wilson Combat Border Patrol 12 Gauge Tactical Shotgun

The Wilson Combat Border Patrol is a tactical scattergun born and bred for delivering overwhelming firepower!

The Border Patrol 12 gauge pump action shotgun from Wilson Combat provides users with a custom-tuned scattergun capable of devastating performance.

I carried a Remington 870 shotgun in my patrol vehicle for over a decade. I deployed it on numerous occasions, including “man with a gun” radio calls, high-risk traffic stops and robbery alarms, to name a few. Basically, it was my “go-to” gun when I had advance notice that the situation might require greater firepower than my sidearm. Fortunately, I was never required to fire my 870 in the line of duty. But, had I needed to engage a bad guy on the street, I was very confident with the shotgun based on its performance during the training I had received. In short, I was a fan of the 870.

A few weeks ago, I received a Wilson Combat Border Patrol pump-action 12 gauge shotgun to evaluate. I knew the Border Patrol was built on the 870 platform and that Wilson Combat had acquired the “Scattergun Technologies” brand several years ago. I’ve read posts on some of the popular firearms forums where members expressed confusion as to what exactly makes a Wilson Combat shotgun any different than a Remington 870. Specifically, some wondered why anyone would pay so much more for a “custom shotgun”—especially when anyone could purchase after-market components to upgrade a standard 870.

The SpeedFeed forend provides solid purchase for working the Border Patrol’s action.

I decided to speak to someone from Wilson Combat who could help educate me as to what makes a Wilson Combat shotgun so special. Here’s a look at what I found out about the shotgun named in honor of the U.S. Border Patrol, an agency that purchased thousands of these shotguns for daily use.

The adjustable Trak-Lock Ghost Ring rear sight, combined with the ramp-type front, proved to be an effective sighting system.

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  • This is tim kiniery again I have to write about one more rifle that is out of this world!!!! this freakin thing take a beating and keep on going.It’s the Benelli mr 7 5.56mm this gun is i cant explain it you have to see it in action.Cost me around $1300.00 16 inch barrell polymer stock,the sight’s are military style aperture.Autogas operating system.The finish was black phsphate and hard anodized.I had it sear coated this time instead of dura coated.I put a noveske pig on it 30 rd. ar mag (p mg what else)through an aimpoint t-1 on it and a 3x magnyfer behind it.Harris bipod on it when im using five rd.mag’s gouping’s are great smooth probaly put 2500rds. through it and one jam surplus ammo.It’s affordable it’s god for everything.Home protection range time cant beat it.

  • i just boughtythe brand new but old platform 7.62 covert entry gun socom 2 patrol carbine m-14 based ,cluster rail design 1.27/300’accurate this is one of the better one;s little smaller .Very accurate out to a 800 to a thousand yrds. for my grouping anyway i put asurefire flaslight light on it yankee hill vertical grip with laser vortex t-1-11 red dot scope .Excellent muzzlebrake iron sight’s exactly what you would expexct from one of the top gun builder’s in the country if not world very sturdy no clanging or banging.Cant go wrong with 308 power also a plus overall lenghtb 37.25 inche’s not bad at all,10 pds.empty,semi-auto gas operated capacity 10+1 parkerized finish.i paid $1875.00 out the door not bad three boxe’s of ammo thrown in and my black hawk two point quick release sling fire’s smooth as any other springfield.I put about 1200 rds. through it not one jam or misfire.Half the load were top notch hornady the rest surplus military all in all a great weapon.I give it a ten on every asspect tim kiniery out next gun will be the new heckler and koch mg3 lmg looking forward to this one!!!!