Wilson Combat CQB Elite .45ACP Handgun Review

Boasting custom details galore, the Wilson Combat CQB Elite .45ACP pistol is a sweet shootin’ sureshot!

I just had a Wilson Combat CQB Elite within the past year. A fan of the CQB, I was naturally curious to see what has changed and what hasn’t. The great thing about the CQB is that it is all you need in a 1911 without a lot of the add-on, bolt-on accessory stuff. It’s not “prissy,” so it cries out for use; carry concealed, in a SWAT leg holster, taking a training class and for executive protection.

wilson2.jpgWhat makes Wilson Combat’s CQB pistol so popular is that you can get a 100 percent reliable, very accurate and easily maintained 1911 without the need to take out a second mortgage on the old homestead. The CQB is known as the 1911 that meets or exceeds expectations without adding lots of frills and dressing.

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