Wilson Combat “Loaded” Stainless Tactical Elite

The One-piece, flanged bull barrel is a marvel of machining…

The One-piece, flanged bull barrel is a marvel of machining and capable of breathtaking accuracy and unparalleled control in dynamic shooting situations. The Tac-Elite is a fast shooting gun and this is one of the nicest we have built! This stainless custom example has a full, soft glass bead finish. We went a bit further by reverse crowned the already imposing muzzle and added our new popular barrel and chamber flute option. We have changed the specifications of these flutes and can now offer this treatment on bull or flanged barrels of any caliber. Notice the rear sight, this is a new version of the Tactical Boot sight with a larger, recessed U-notch. Wilsoncombat.com.


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  • Lessing, Ingo

    Without having it in my hands, the pictures itself already speak their own language.
    The smoothness of the lines and finish make it look like out of one cast. Simply perfect.

  • I have a Stainless Tactical Elite. It’s the finest firearm I ever owned. It’s the perfect partner for my M1A Super Match in Stainless. The Tactical Elite is the perfect carry .45. There is NONE better! Soft shooting and very controlable. It’s a masterpiece in pistolcraft!

  • Stunning