Previously dubbed Wilson's "No-Name Pistol," the Wilson Combat SPEC OPS…

Previously dubbed Wilson’s “No-Name Pistol,” the Wilson Combat SPEC OPS 9 pistol is a new 29.7 oz polymer 1911 that sports a 4.5” barrel with 16 + 1 rounds of 9mm on board. This lightweight pistol has a proven fire control system that meets the demands of both daily use and concealed carry. Features include an extended tactical thumb safety, Wilson’s custom three-hole trigger and a magazine well that’s flared as part of the polymer grip frame. Get your SPEC OPS 9 for $1995.00 at wilsoncombat.com or by calling 1-800-955-4856.

A special congratulations goes out to Douglas Ervin who suggested “Spec Ops” as a possible name for the pistol.  As a result of winning Wilson Combat’s naming contest, Mr. Ervin will now have his very own Wilson Combat SPEC OPS 9 Pistol to take to the range!

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  • I’m retired Air Force security police, A-10 Acft. “Crew Chief”and graduate Community College of A.F.,also University Grad.A.F. looking for light weight pistol for survival defence in case of national terrorist against my family and homeland defence.

  • Wilson Combat Spec Ops 9mm 1911

    Reviewed by Charles Coker 12/20/09

    This is a new polymer framed, double stack 9mm (16+1) 1911 pistol


    * 4.5″ barrel
    * Full sized grip
    * Night sights (yellow rear, green front)
    * carry cuts in slide
    * Slide narrowed and beveled for carry
    * Beavertail safety and thumb safety minmimized for carry

    So, everyone wants to know if this is really a 1911, yes, it is with the slight exception in barrel lockup, it locks up more like a Sig, otherwise, standard 1911 internal parts.

    Why no rail? Well, it’s designed for carry and a rail adds width and bulk, not to mention it’s not really ideal to try to have a tac light on a concealed carry piece!

    How does it feel?

    Well, like a 1911, it points like one, handles like one and of course, has that great Wilson Combat trigger!

    I let lots of people fondle it, everyone was really impressed

    I took it to the local law enforcement shop (GT Distributors) and the guys working there were all very impressed with it and wanted to shoot it of course. There is always DPS troopers, active military, PD from around hte state and the occasional Texas Ranger in there. The day I brough it in was no exception and one Texas Ranger, who, incidentally was carrying a Wilson 1911 asked if he could check it out.. well of course.

    His response was “crap, my wife’s gonna kill me, I gotta get one of these!”
    a few guys shot it and were all like “man, this is SWEET”

    How does it shoot?

    First off, I am no master pistol shot..

    25 yard groups
    headshots were slow
    center shots were quick and dirty
    fed everything I gave it

    Where does this gun fit in? Who is it for?

    Well, it is sort of a niche product, certainly their are cheaper reliable semi autos that are suitable for personal defense, range and some competitive use.

    I see this gun being for the guy that loves the 1911 platform and wants a lightweight, high capacity 9mm in an ultra reliable and extremely accurate pistol with personal defense being it’s primary role.

    Wilson Combat has a reputation for building the best 1911 pistols and is known to have the best customer service in the industry.

    for more info visit: http://www.wilsoncombat.com/p_specops.asp