WINCHESTER’s SXP ‘Defender’ Pump Shotgun brings you the newest products live from the NASGW ‘08 show, including the Winchester’s SXP ‘Defender’ Pump Shotgun!


Winchester is testing the tactical waters with their line of SXP “Defender” pump shotguns.  The foundation of these shotguns has already proven itself durable after thousands of rounds fired in competitive shotgun shooting.


The SXP has a fast rotating bolt system that locks up into a 3-inch chromed chamber. The 18-inch fixed cylinder choked barrel is also chrome lined and the stock and forearm are composite as metal parts are finished in a black matte chrome. The magazine tube is capable of holding five shells with one extra in the chamber and recoil is minimized with a fitted Inflex Technology recoil pad. The weight checks in at 6.5 pounds and is remarkably priced at just $319!

Read more about the SXP Defender as found in Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement.

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  • gizzo

    This is a fairly nice weapon the only real aftermarket item would be flashlight with holder and laser from NEBO (side switching has a chance of falling out, no rear switch), any sling will do, and is now drilled for scope or picatinny rail, pistol grip and butt saddle.

  • Yakima

    Now that Winchester has new versions of the SXP on their website including two versions with an adjustable stock with pistol grip, ATI is offering the pistol grip and a 6 position adjustable stock for pre-order at their website. I ordered and paid for mine already. I encourage other SXP owners who have waited patiently for these aftermarket accessories to do the same. I contacted ATI and they say that they expect the parts to ship by end of April or sooner.

  • Buckshot

    I have been looking for a good HD shotgun for a while and had decided on the Mossberg Maverick 88 Security but guess what? There are NONE to be found!! This past Sunday I stopped in Academy Sports to browse and saw the Winchester SXP Defender which another customer was looking at. They only had ONE so I was quietly praying that he would pass on it and sure enough he did. As soon as he walked away I told the salesman that I wanted it and now it is mine. Super sweet shotgun!! The best $300 I have ever spent! I am so glad I ran across this gun as I was about to give in and pay too much for a much lesser gun. I have to get over the fact that it was made in Turkey but so many things are NOT made in the USA these days I am not too concerned.

    If you can find one……..BUY IT!!

  • brettwilm

    Don’t know what aftermarket accessories previous reviewer wants, but with a Laserlyte LRA Shotgun Tri-Rail – ADP-TRIR-140, and a nice tactical light like the Streamlight TLR-1, you are in great shape. I bought the SXP Camp-Field Combo so I got the great basic platform, the 18″ Defender barrel, plus a 28″ field barrel with three chokes. A sweet setup–one advantage is you don’t have to take off the tri rail mount to switch or clean barrels.

  • Steve

    One of the best pump shotguns on the market. The only problem is their is little to no aftermarket accessories. It is the smoothest pump ever. Made in Turkey however IMHO it is better than the 870. Also the forearm is feels very tight. Finish is lacking but is durable.

  • daryn

    best damn shot gun i ever owned get the modified 26″ barrel and man what a versitle gun great buy!!!!

  • Kyle

    I also recently picked one up at my local Gander Mountain for 299.99+Tax. What a great buy. If you’re on the fence about this shotgun just do it already! The SXP is a very solid shotgun with great balance and feel.

    It might not support all the available tactical add-on gear everybody seems to need nowadays, but do you honesty “need” to have a magazine extension to increase capacity to 8 or 9 and then add a 6 round side saddle? How about optical laser sights? Pistol grips and door breachers…really? All this stuff just adds weight and is not an advantage unless you’re kicking down doors in Baghdad or planning a massive offensive attack of some sort. It’s been said before but if you can’t stop an intruder in 6 rounds…you’re going to need more than a shotgun! Save your money on the add-ons because the only things you “need” for HD are a good gun, a light mount with a good light and practice. The SXP really is the perfect “KISS” option for HD purposes.

    To make the deal even sweeter, Winchester is refunding sales tax (up to 8%) in their “Holiday Tax Cut” rebate through Dec. 31, 2011. Awesome!

    The Winchester SXP is the best HD shotgun that nobody knows about…yet.

  • Frank

    Just picked up a new SXP at Gander Mountain, price tag $299.99 +Tax. what a great shooting, fast racking shotgun. LOVE IT.

  • Steve

    I’ve the American version of the Winchester Defender circa ’00-’02, same specs except the mag tube (wish they still had a 7+1 tube from factory, need extension and clamp) and chrome/backboring which really doesnt bother me since I’m just gonna buy one since theyre plentiful now. Then I’ll have the old FULL mag’d American, and the new 5+1 FN-subsidised Turkish made, as long as theyre the same spec, I can confirm these rotary bolt 1300/SXP are the SMOOTHEST, FASTEST, and ‘SILKIEST’ shotgun I’ve ever had the pleasure of doing a mag dump on. And great ergos vs 870(built for right hand, finger indexd along side of triggerguard ON the safety instead of BEHIND like 870, then click off and pull back on the trigger. Slide release is rear left of triggerguard, right thumb or mid, or ring finger, or left fingers. :OVE IT!) Only wish they would have kept same stock setup so we could use al the Win 1300 stuff they have!! No pistol grip stocls for this till FN smartens up, makes an ATTRACTIVE and COMFORTABLE/hand filling pistol grip…..That’ll be the day! Great, FAST, dependable and reliable, pistol grip or no these actions have been PROVEN BY ME, and others IMHO, SXP, before that 1300, before that 1200, before that….. THE MODEL 12!! NICE LINEAGE, STILL SMOOTH AS BUTTER, and it only gets better with use!

  • ironsman

    I just purchased one. Been looking for awhile. It was the last one. I called every available dealer for 100 miles. I contacted Winchester and they told me who got recent deliveries. When I was at the shop another guy wanted to purchase one. Good Luck everyone finding one.

  • Denis Faubert

    I was looking for the 870 home defense 7 round capacity shotgun that my brother had recently purchased but could only find the 5 round models. I went to three gun shops and at the last one they had some tactical home defense 870’s for about $490 or so. The guy behind the counter said they just received 2 Winchester SXP defenders the day before and one was already sold. I had no idea Winchester was making home defense shotguns, my impression of the SXP is high quality, especially in the action. I bought it for 319.95.

  • Dave

    Just got one!!!

  • Gun Tech

    REPLY to corbin_crt and ALL:

    I wish I knew what is delaying the release of the SXP shotguns. The SXP designation just means the “Super-X series” of Pump shotguns.

    I, like many other sporting enthusiasts and hunters, have been extremely dismayed at the lack of availability. What makes it even worse is that Winchester–via some of their Reps or whoever is talking to the dealers–stated it would be available in Late Summer or Fall 2008. That time has obviously past. Here it is almost 2010 and still no SXP shotguns.

    I can personally tell you that Winchester NOT only lost a LOT OF MONEY–and Future Sales–but created a lot of animosity towards their brand from both consumers and dealers. They really missed out when firearm sales soared starting in November 2008 and continued into most of 2009. Sales skyrocketed from fear of Obama, fear of the unknown, fear of not being able to buy some guns ever again and generally tough times. If Winchester dad produced these, they would have SOLD EVERY ONE and had people waiting to buy more.

    Now they not only missed the chance when people HAD money to spend, they have made their fans and supporters mad. Their original Suggested Retail Price–verified by dealers– was around $249, now it upwards of $349 Retail. Just as good–some would say better–a pump shotgun can be found in the Remington 870 model with Black Synthetic Stocks for $299. In fact, many places had it on sale in Fall 2008–and just recently for Christmas–for $269 and Remington still has a $30 Rebate.

    Here is what I was told concerning gun manufacturers IN GENERAL. Due to slumping, or slowing, firearm sales starting in the late 1990s to early 2000s, nearly all manufacturers trimmed down their operations. They did this to keep highly skilled employees and gunsmiths, while still maintaining profitability. They start manufacturing firearms around February and continue for 3 to 4 months. They stop the production line and furlough all those workers. Then they start the assembling, testing and packaging processes. They fill up their warehouse(s) and start shipping as soon as they have sufficient stock to supply dealers nationwide–so there will not be any dealers complaining about not getting any orders–even if they can only ship 1 or 2 guns of each model ordered.

    Once all the orders are filled, they shut down the warehouse and furlough all those workers. They continue with a skeleton crew and work on designing and testing prototypes. It should be noted that a number of their employees work in many phases of their business.

    Essentially, by around August or September, the warehouse is empty and that is the end of that model year’s production and availability. What inventory is in the dealer networks is all there is.

    If someone knows anything else, we would all love to hear it.

  • I have been looking for the winchester SXP, everywhere. I am told from all the retailers the gun is not available from their distributors. Do you know what the hold up is? Have they stopped production or ever make it that far? Is this gun a myth? It is on the winchester homepage but I cant find anyplace to purchase it or the sibling FNH. Help! I want a SPEEDPUMP! Would fit nicely alongside my SX3 “the worlds fastest autoloader”.

  • LiveFreeOrDie

    It’s great to see “Winchester” introduce something in this field!!!!