Windham Weaponry's 5.56mm CDI comes with plenty of high-quality accessories…

Windham Weaponry’s 5.56mm CDI comes with plenty of high-quality accessories to keep LEOs in the fight. Shown topped off with an EOtech EXPS-2-2 with G33 3.25X Magnifier.

In recent years, the AR rifle has become nothing if not versatile. The advent of multiple aftermarket options has made this now-classic rifle easier to use and more accurate, compact and ergonomic than ever before. A well-equipped AR can provide the patrol officer with an adjustable length of pull for use with body armor or heavy winter clothing, an enhanced grip and triggerguard for use in inclement conditions or with gloves, and an incredible amount of space for easily mounting day and night optics, lasers, vertical or angled grips, bipods and tactical lights.

Budget- and litigation-conscious agencies may be reluctant, however, to invest in aftermarket parts and allow officers to tinker with their duty rifles. Fortunately, some rifle manufacturers are willing and able to deliver a complete rifle package with the best and most popular features already factory-installed. This helps such agencies save a lot of money and avoid liabilities from incorrectly installed parts.

The CDI’s low-profile, flip-up Diamondhead front sight has a distinctive diamond-shaped design that draws in the user’s eye

Windham Weaponry is one such manufacturer and has already secured law enforcement contracts. Their new CDI, a semi-auto, direct gas impingement AR, is a complete package delivered with the best upgrades currently available on the market. The name Windham Weaponry may be new to some, but it represents the rebirth of a famous factory that had lain dormant for several years following a corporate relocation. With a new name and the return of an experienced and dedicated workforce, Windham Weaponry is once again producing high-quality rifles.

The free-floating, 10.25-inch-long Diamondhead V-RS handguard allows operators to mount Picatinny rails where needed for add-ons.

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