MarColMar Firearms announced an opportunity to procure a semi-auto PKM…


MarColMar Firearms announced an opportunity to procure a semi-auto PKM chambered in 7.62 x 54mm R and built by WiseLite. Military trainers and government agencies have used PKMs to familiarize personnel deploying to the Middle East with the most popular squad automatic weapon in use by those countries. This training has proved to benefit troops and government personnel deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan. (Click here to see a larger image)

A large majority of Romanian PKM kits on the market are poor quality and construction. MarColMar Firearms has carefully selected kits that are unissued and matched high quality standards. The top cover of the Romanian PKM is unique and marked while the weapon system is built on the state-of-the-art Vltor receiver.

romanian4jpg.gifThe WiseLite Romanian Semi-PKM is available only in semi-automatic operation. It comes with a 200 round can, a belt, and a transit chest available as an option.

The ATF has fully approved the design of the semi-auto PKM. Developed byWiseLite Arms/Vltor these semi-auto PKMs are being distributed by Marcolmar Firearms.

For more information, visit www.marcolmarfirearms.com.

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  • Dave Bane

    MarColMar also has Semi-Auto PKMs built on like new Hungarian PKM kits… first unit off the production line has over 16,000 rounds through it… with over 130 units delivered there are only 120 left to build…