With no ammunition, pilot ordered to take down 9/11’s United 93 (video).

The Washington Post's Anqoinette Crosby talks with reporter Steve Hendrix…

The Washington Post’s Anqoinette Crosby talks with reporter Steve Hendrix about one of the first fighter pilots to scramble after the attacks of Sept. 11. With no ordinance on board her jet, she was faced with the possibility of ramming her plane into one of the hijacked passenger jets. (Anqoinette Crosby and Jason Aldag)

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  • Gonzo

    I hadn’t heard this story before. Another inspiring story amongst the many that came in the days following 9/11. As a Screening Officer at one of Canada’s airports, I have heard it all from passengers. The resentment and the gratitude for the job we have to do. A couple of years ago, on the eighth anniversary of 9/11, a passenger came through screening and said, ” this is a bunch of BS!” His attitude changed after I reminded him of what day it was. I am the first to agree that the system we have isn’t perfect but we have to remember what the alternative is. I’m not prepared to let the terrorists have another kick at the cat. This story is a great example of the level of commitment that our troops have to protecting our countries and I plan on using it as a motivation piece during our next shift briefing.
    Thanks to all of our armed forces for the sacrifices they make.