The Beast, a 5.56mm AR from WMD Guns, features a…

The Beast, a 5.56mm AR from WMD Guns, features a natural, matte nickel boron finish. Along with its desert-tan polymer furniture, this gun has an attractive, unified look. Fully loaded with upgrades and optics-ready, the beast is a real game-changer.

Shooters and gun owners are inundated with a plethora of new coatings and surface treatments, each one the next best thing. Space-age compounds applied with secret alien technology turn any gun into a sniper-quality weapon that you never have to clean and will always work. These treatments go by a host of names—some real, some made up—but one coating that actually delivers on its promise is NiB-X, otherwise known as nickel boron.

WMD (Wynn, Mike & Duke) Guns is an industry leader in the application of NiB-X on firearms and firearm parts and works with several major manufacturers to treat their key component parts. NiB-X is often applied to the parts that are used hardest and exposed to the highest levels of carbon fouling. Several high-end manufacturers coat their ARs’ bolts and bolt carriers in nickel boron because of its inherent corrosion-resistant properties.

The dustcover, forward assist and charging handle are all NiB-X-coated. The charging handle has an extended/tactical latch for easier operation.

Now WMD Guns has introduced an AR of its own, the Beast. All of its metal parts are completely coated in NiB-X for an extremely unique look and feel. This carbine-length AR is a semi-automatic, direct gas impingement system chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO and loaded with a multitude of special features. But it’s the coating that stands out the most. wmdguns.com

The Tac Grip Muscle Compensator reduces muzzle climb and recoil by 40 percent. It is machined out of 10-45 stainless steel

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  • Chris Palminteri

    I have waited for this AR for about 2 months because of back orders and seems they can’t build them fast enough. but I finally got mine I am very happy out of the 2 models they have out the Beast and the Dirty Beast. I got my hands on the Dirty Beast, the Beast has black furniture the other has the FDE furniture. I have only made some minor upgrades so far putting magpul miad grip, enhanced trigger gaurd, angled for grip and a set of magpul flip up sites. all in FDE all I am waiting for now is my Browe BCO 4×32 FDE scope and she will be one sick sweet beast. worth the wait. The only thing I would have liked to be different since everything on the Beast is top of the line would be a gas piston and a heavy barrel and it will have no match on the market. These are two upgrades I already have in mind for mine in the future. Otherwise WMD did it right out of the box.