WWII-era German sub believed to be found in Canadian river.

Photo for illustrative purposes. paulgacek.com It hasn't been confirmed yet,…

Photo for illustrative purposes. paulgacek.com

It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but searchers believe they’ve found a World War II German submarine at the bottom of a Canadian river, 60 miles from the ocean.

What appears to be a German U-boat was first spotted at the bottom of the Churchill River in Labrador two years ago by searchers using sonar to locate three men who had gone over Muskrat Falls, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported Wednesday.

“We were looking for something completely different, not a submarine, not a U-boat — I mean, no one would ever believe that was possible,” Brian Corbin told the CBC. “It was a great feeling when we found it.”

Source: UPI

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  • Spook89

    And the crew decided to stay in North America? Don’t blame ’em.