XACORE’s Submersible Temple Transducer Headset

Xacore has new, lower cost submersible radio headset for use…

Xacore has new, lower cost submersible radio headset for use by police, SWAT and military personnel.

The headset uses bone conduction technology to receive radio audio via the temples and uses a noise-cancelling boom microphone to transmit audio.  The boom microphone can be ordered to be mounted on the left or on the right to accommodate both left and right shooters.

Bone conduction technology is ideal in covert applications to insure receiving audio does not bleed into the atmosphere. The temple transducer works very well in loud environments, as the audio is received inside the head, allowing the user to wear ear plugs to protect against impulse noises that can cause hearing damage, while still receiving audio.

Xacore’s new temple transducer is available with standard push-to-talks (PTTs), tactical PTTs, as well as Xacore’s new wireless sniper/finger PTTs, which have been tested and recommended by the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA).

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