XM-25 will be fielded by U.S. Army in Afghanistan.

A battalion of the 101st Airborne Division will be the…

A battalion of the 101st Airborne Division will be the first unit to field a new weapon designed to deny a wily Taliban enemy the cover of buildings and canals often used to fire at coalition forces.

Army officials confirmed the XM-25, which is part M203 grenade launcher and part 60mm mortar, will be fielded this fall, before it was originally scheduled to be fielded with Special Forces troops next summer, following an urgent request from the 101st, Military.com reported Friday.

The airburst-type weapon fires a fist-sized 25 mm projectile that explodes behind a defilade or barrier, striking an enemy that uses such cover to fire on U.S. and coalition forces from long distances in Afghanistan.
The Army said it will ship all five XM-25s that PEO Soldier Weapons has on hand, and send trainers to teach troops how to use the weapons.

For now, the Army says it plans to purchase 36 of the weapons and has set aside $10 million for the buy. Eventually, the service wants to buy thousands of them – enough to place one in each infantry squad.

Source: Jon E. Dougherty for Newsroom America.

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