Yankee Hill Machine’s 9mm SBR is the perfect weapon for…

Yankee Hill Machine’s 9mm SBR is the perfect weapon for entry duties because of its low recoil, utter reliability and compact size—even with the Wraith XL suppressor mounted and ready to rock!

Although many SWAT teams and departments are moving to rifles, this is not universally true. There are still several agencies that require pistol calibers for their entry teams and even patrol officers. As a rule, these are primarily urban agencies where ranges are short and downrange overpenetration is a critical concern. For some administrators, it might be a political decision. In the case of one local agency, it was about fitting the weapons into a motorcycle storage compartment. Regardless of the reasons why, many police officers are restricted to pistol calibers.

Several myths surround the use of submachine guns or other shoulder-fired weapons chambered in pistol calibers. The first is the reported lack of “stopping power” compared with that of rifles. But this is just not the case at typical engagement distances for a police department. Especially in an inner-city or urban environment, the ranges are often 25 yards or less, with across-the-room distances being the norm. At those ranges, pistol calibers have been doing the job for LE and the military for decades.

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