Zimmerman Arms tactical .22 pistol

Precision pistols on a tactical platform!  SBR is just a…

Precision pistols on a tactical platform!  SBR is just a step away with this platform (Where permitted by law.  You will need ATF paperwork (other laws/fees may apply) and an AR-15 type stock for SBR conversion on this “pistol” receiver).  We set out to build the ultimate tactical pistol on our Rezolution ™  tactical rimfire platform.


We loaded them with standard features like our proprietary receiver integral harmonic dampener, VLTOR 1¼” single point sling attachment plate, match grade bolts, match grade triggers, and match grade barrels. We even made sure that, just like all Rezolution ™ platforms, the tactical pistol would be fully compatible with your aftermarket and factory Ruger 10/22 bolts, 10/22 barrels, 10/22 trigger groups, 10/22 charging handle assemblies, and 10/22 magazines. Check out our lineup and decide which is right for you. Zimmermanarms.com.

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