Zombie Shooting Competition

Zombie Shooters United LLC is the vehicle that will organize…

Zombie Shooters United LLC is the vehicle that will organize and define the zombie shooting genre into a recognized unique sport not unlike cowboy action shooting, or NSSA.

To accomplish this mission, we created a standardized life-size realistic target, easy intuitive competition rules, match design guidelines, and a web based directory for members and affiliated clubs to share information & scores and document the standing of participants both inside the United States and abroad.

Though there have been larger single event zombie shooting competitions, Zombie Shooters United LLC matches run six times a year and provide participants an extremely high quality experience never before offered. Participants live the match in their own post-apocalyptic persona, and fight their way through the stages in storyline format, looking for clues to achieve their missions as they go. Our events are challenges of marksmanship and the mind. They are described as, “live ammo role-playing.” With the immense popularity of this genre in the media as demonstrated by the success of Max Brooks’ Zombie Survival Handbook and AMC television’s Walking Dead, I expect to see Zombie Shooters United LLC grow and spread like a virus across the country in the next two years. We have even been approached to do a reality-team competition television show on our new shooting sport.

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