Blue Force Gear Top Bulletproof body armor lead
Blue Force Gear PLATEminus V2

12 Top Bulletproof Body Armor For LEOs and Military

Today’s best plate carriers, body armor and tactical vests for law enforcement officers and military members going into harm’s way!

Ensuring that you have every advantage when you go into harm’s way is a must. By acquiring effective and capable armor systems, you are ensuring you have a leg up in any conflict weighed a ton, plates, and it days are all revolutionized these systems. Modern hard armor plates are lighter and can with- stand multiple hits, whether on their own or in conjunction with soft body armor. Now soft armor is lighter, more flexible and better equipped to stop some of today’s most lethal pistol rounds. Combined, hard and soft armor provide the most complete protection possible while still being relatively comfortable, easy to put on and customizable. Whether a simple carrier riding over your ballistic vest or a complete system, there are more high-quality choices than ever before.

Simple carriers provide a place to hold hard plates designed to stop high-velocity rifle rounds. The plates themselves can be made of simple steel or complex materials. Their weight varies based on their construction, and several sizes are made to accommodate different needs. Many stand alone, providing single- or multiple-hit protection. Plate carriers can be designed to be incredibly simple, or highly modular by providing pockets or a means to attach accessories. Others are designed with the ballistic armor built in, providing an outer carrier that does it all. It really depends on the operator’s needs.

The following is a roundup of some of the newer systems available today.

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  • James

    1. Is C & W Murphy allowed to use the Surefire name for the purposes of selling armor?
    2. Are you insured for this product in the event of a US soldier being shot with the 7.62 x 39 multiple hit as claimed?
    3. Are you aware that this armor is potentially reversed engineered IP from another company and he is being sued for diverting funds to his account.

  • James

    These Surefire plates failed tests and the owner is being sued for stealing the IP and diverting the funds from a large order from overseas. Its not his stuff, he stole it. I dont think Surefire Institute is licensed to sell armor using the Surefire name.

  • Don Coombs

    FYI, I run a Voodoo FAST carrier that I can put my Point Blank IIIA soft armor in while it’s still in its Galls concealed carrier. All I need to do is disconnect the velcro shoulder straps on the concealed carrier and fold them down then just stuff it up into the FAST carrier. The system works great if you only want to buy one set of soft armor. Cost is cheap at about $80 online and quality is very good.