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Defeat the Darkness: 17 Lights & Lasers For 2014

Defeat the Darkness: 17 Lights & Lasers For 2014

With a simple attachment to your Picatinny-style rail or KeyMod handguard, these lights & lasers will have you shooting straight in the dark!

Illumination is critical in a defensive or close-quarters scenario. Darkness hides both predators and prey, and identifying your target is crucial; it’s the difference between success and failure.

AR carbines equipped with Picatinny-style rails or KeyMod handguards allow operators to mount a tactical light that will illuminate the situation. Laser-equipped rifles make aiming effortless, especially in tight and close environments where traditional aiming is not always possible. The dot of a laser on a bad guy’s chest can also make a dire impression.

Some units combine both technologies, matching a tactical light with a laser for double performance. Stay in the light and use it to your advantage with this list of 17 lights & lasers for 2014.

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