2007 Suppressor Shoot & Seminar

Where can you get extensive hands-on shooting experience with hundreds…

Where can you get extensive hands-on shooting experience with hundreds of different sound suppressors from a diverse array of manufacturers? How can you make informed purchasing decisions without such experience? No shooting school or dealer offers such an opportunity, but an annual event in Georgia does. It’s so useful that law enforcement officers from Georgia receive Post Credit for attending the event, and one Georgia sheriff donated ammunition.

optech2.jpgSponsored by Advanced Armament Corporation, the annual Suppressor Shoot draws large and small suppressor manufacturers, law enforcement, military, and shooting enthusiasts from across the nation. Every suppressor manufacturer is welcome. Major corporate participants in the latest one-day event included Knight’s Armament, SureFire, Advanced Armament, Ops Inc., SWR, DeGroat Tactical Armaments, Barrett Firearms, Polite Society Inc., Noveske Rifleworks, and Magpul, among others. The net result was a stimulating experience that proved educational to both newbies and suppressor cognoscenti alike. The day provided the moral equivalent of a college-level course in sound suppressors. Let’s take a look at some of the technologies that I found noteworthy.

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  • Aboody

    What is the price of this armament??
    Can any one buy it??
    Does it need training to use it??

  • bruce lebeau

    I would like to see a print out on the interals of the suppresor please.