2010 SHOT Show: 16 Less Lethal Weapons

As has been noticed by more than a few attendees,…

As has been noticed by more than a few attendees, the Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show has increased its law enforcement, military and tactical firearm and accessory space each and every year. Within those sections, are smaller specialize manufacturers and distributors of less-lethal devices. Whether it sprays a debilitating chemical, fires a small ball containing liquid or powder oleoresin capsicum, is an impact munition launched by a 37 or 40mm launcher, is some form of baton or is a specialty light that interferes with a suspect’s equilibrium, they can all be found at SHOT. Designs for use by the civilian population as well as law enforcement and the military were on display; let’s take a look at the new products available or soon to be released.


Spitfire® Pepper Spray: The Spitfire pepper spray dispenser is small enough to be unobtrusively carried on a ring with your car and house keys and yet instantly ready should a threat present itself.  The thumb actuated dispenser is unlike most oleoresin capsicum sprays in that it is held in the fist and actuated unlike most defense sprays which are held upright like a spray can.  The Spitfire spray contains a 10% solution with a 2 million SHU (Scoville Heat Unit) rating.

New from Spitfire at SHOT is the Hex® a Yawara defense stick unit with integral OC spray.  The Hex is just the right size to protrude from your fist so that it can be used to strike an assailant before or after you spray them with pepper spray.  The unbreakable Hex unit can be reloaded with OC cartridges from Spitfire. spitfire.us


Aegis MK63™ Trident: Aegis Industries LLC is a new company that was started by former Navy SEAL Ken Stethem.  The MK63 Trident is defined by Aegis as a Handheld, Modular, Multi-stimulus Response Device or (HMMRD).  What the MK63 does is incorporate several different less-lethal options in one package.  Looking like a cut off side handle baton the MK63 offers an electronic restraint device, OC pepper spray and impact device combined.  The OC spray fires from the thumb activated handle out to 25 feet according to Aegis.  The electronic restraint device contacts which are used like a traditional stun gun to achieve NMI (Neuromuscular Incapacitation) are on one end as well as an integral 320 Lumen L.E.D. light.  The MK63 is made of durable material and is designed to strike with as well.  A rail system allows optional laser and white lights to be attached. aegisarmor.com


Safariland® Distracton Devices: Safariland displayed their new Low Roll and Mini Bang distraction devices from their Defense Technology line.  One of the problems with tossing round NFDD (Noise and Flash Distractionary Devices) devices is that they tend to roll away from the breach point and this can result in unintended injuries.  The new Low Roll and Mini Bangs incorporate octagonal sections on the top and bottom of the units to inhibit rolling.  The devices are non-reloadable and are listed at 175 decibels and 8 million candelas.  Both units should hit the market by March of this year. safariland.com/lesslethal, defense-technology.com


Tornado Personal Defence System: The Tornado system incorporates an OC spray unit with a 125 decibel alarm that actuates once the unit is removed from the rotating belt clip.  The pepper spray unit also has a strobe light to blind an assailant while spraying or to prevent the need to spray.  The Tornado can be carried on a neck lanyard, belt clip, arm band, vehicle mount or wall mounted unit for the home.  The Insta-Freeze Spray™ contained within is listed at 2 million Scoville heat units and sprays out to 15 feet according to company representatives. tornadodefencesystem.com


Brite-Strike® Baton Integrated Light Flexaton: The brainchild of police officer Glenn Bushee the BIL Flexaton combines a high output light (170 lumens) with an expandable thermo plastic baton.  The light can be used in the traditional flashlight mode while allowing an officer to have a less-lethal impact weapon in hand for instant deployment.  With a flick of the wrist the baton expands to a length of 27 inches.  The baton flexes on impact which should dump more kinetic energy on target while the thermo plastic design reduces the potential for injuries.  The switch allows the flashlight to strobe which can be used to disorient a suspect prior to striking with the baton or the officer can light (disorient) then strike. brite-strike.com


Mace Pepper Gun: On display from Mace is their Pepper Gun which they describe as the most accurate non-lethal self defense spray available.  The plastic gun type design (reminds me of a single shot flare gun) fires it OC spray out to 25 feet.  The distance is possible because of the double can design which can be replaced in the break top design.  With an integral white light to help get pepper spray accurately on target, the Pepper Gun has been a big seller to civilians. mace.com

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  • Paul Seville

    I love all this stuff. But i live in New Zealand would it still be possible to buy & get into my country. Paul

  • Julie

    I just ordered a Tornado Defense system and I am very impressed. Much easier to carry than the hair spray size canisters. I like that it looks like an MP3 or other electronic device. When you push the release tab it propels the unit in your hand and automatically releases the safety. The spray also is very strong with 10% OC @ 1.33% Major Capsaicinoids and it shoots about 15 feet away. I carry it when jogging with the arm band and then when I leave the house its on my belt. I also like that its safety is automatically released when you push the tab so there are not flipping caps or twisting nozzles in a crisis.

  • David

    @Justin H

    Brite-Strike is the Ferrari of Flashlights. You must be from one of their Chinese knock-offs who call Glenn weekly to try and get their patent secrets.

    Now, not only does Brite-Strike product the highest quality LED flashlights on earth, they’re getting into dual-purpose tactical products like the Tactical Baton Light.

  • Kevan Jackson

    let’s start off with the spitfire, odd looking unit that has it flaws. This unit is attached to your keys, keys are usually in your purse or pocket, an attach happens in mere seconds, can’t ask the attacker to wait, and also who knows if your even pointing it in the proper direction.
    The Aegis Mk 63, non practicle, like the other item your not gonna walk around with it in your hand, for one you will get shot at, and if you have children its a bad example to walk around with a gun like object in your hand. The Safariland distraction device is different. But there is no line of defence, so if the attaker want to attack he will. The pepper gun is like the aegis mk63 why would u carry a gun in your hand. Don’t wanna get shot. FInally the tornado defence system.. Now that is practicle. extremely sleak, at a great price. this product is right at hand, on a belt clip or optional arm band, or even a car and wall mount. just easily push the yellow tab, the spray head is automatically locked in your hand and pointed in the right direction, great product. A extremely loud alarm and a blinding light will also deter your attacker. well done.

  • Justin H

    Stay away from Brite-strike. Their products are overpriced and lacking in quality. Its funny who they let into ShotShow.