A-TACS ACUs From Propper

The Propper A-TACS ACU are sewn to military specifications and…

The Propper A-TACS ACU are sewn to military specifications and made from 65/35 poly/cotton ripstop fabric for maximum durability.

The A-TACS ACU is among the most anticipated A-TACS products launching worldwide and will serve as the core component of the product line, which includes boots from DannerÒ, packs and nylon kit from Tactical Assault Gear™, single or dual point gun slings from Blue Force Gear™, and weapons and optics systems from RemingtonÒ, BushmasterÒ and BushnellÒ. This broad collection of introductory products represents the first full head-to-toe concealment system offering to tactical professionals in the U.S.

Propper will advance the A-TACS product line with boonie hats and combat shirts. These items will be available for purchase from Propper authorized dealers.


For more information on Propper A-TACS ACUs, contact info@a-tacs.com.

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Since 1967, Propper has outfitted the United States armed forces, law enforcement professionals and first responders with only the highest quality apparel. Propper is a leading manufacturer for the Department of Defense and has produced more than 75 million garments for the U.S. Military. Propper garments are extremely durable, comfortable and functional in the field. For more information, visit Propper.com.

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  • Good to see another great innovation from an American company. Camouflage has always been the art of deceiving the eye. All the military’s were on this kick that everyone was going to be fighting in green woods, then the big digital look came out. What everyone failed to see was that the battlefield turns a bland mix of gray. These new ACU’s seem to be addressing this feature. Good job.