A Tale of Two Berettas

OVER the last four centuries, Beretta has turned out a…

OVER the last four centuries, Beretta has turned out a wide range of firearms for military, law enforcement and sporting applications. Today, the product most often associated with Beretta is the Model 92 semi-automatic pistol. Introduced in the late 1970s, the M92 enjoys universal popularity. For over 20 years it has been the standard sidearm of the United States Military. It is also widely utilized by law enforcement agencies, including the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department; Holmdel Township, New Jersey Police Department; Maryland State Police and the St. Louis Police Department.

2berettas2.jpgOver the last couple of years, Beretta has taken steps to further modernize their line of service pistols. One of their brightest spots now is the Px4 Storm. The Storm pistol uses a unique rotary barrel and locking system along with a weight-saving polymer frame.

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