CAA RONI Civilian Pistol Carbine Conversion Kit Glock 17

CAA Releases RONI Civilian Pistol Carbine Conversion For Glock 17

CAA's RONI Civilian features a 16-inch barrel and is not regulated by the NFA, which means shooters can own it without the extra paperwork and hassle.

Pick one word to associate with CAA — it’s probably “RONI.”

The company’s line of RONI pistol-to-carbine conversion kits continues to expand, as CAA recently released its RONI Civilian pistol carbine conversion for the Glock 17.

The RONI Civilian in not NFA regulated, which means shooters can own the Civilian without the extra NFA paperwork, long wait times and additional taxes.

The RONI-C-G2 model is built on a conventional style stock with many of the features that RONI fans have come to know and appreciate, such as quick lock for easy installation, and a multiple rail system that allows for easy attachment of lights, lasers and night vision devices (NVD).

The Civilian also features an innovative muzzle shroud and a 16-inch barrel. The trigger guard provides additional safety, especially during tactical moves.

The collapsible buttstock has an adjustable cheek piece and a magazine holder that allows the user to quickly access and change magazines effortlessly. Optional flip up front and rear sights are also available (FRS/FFS).

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  • Model: RONI-C-G2
  • Fits: Glock 17
  • Weight: 56.79 ounces
  • Height Max: 5.5 inches
  • Length Extended: 30.3 inches
  • Length Collapsed: 27.2 inches
  • Width: 2.5 inches
  • Material: Poly/Aluminum

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