SkyWall100: Bazooka-Launched Net Drone Defense

The SkyWall100 from OpenWorks Engineering is a portable compressed air launcher designed for drone defense that fires a net up to 100 meters.

With evolving technology, drones have become a serious security threat around the globe — that is why British company OpenWorks Engineering has developed the SkyWall100.

The SkyWall100 launcher is designed to be rapidly deployed by a single operator with only minimal training required. It has an array of in-built technology to ensure the user can capture multiple drones reliably and with minimal cognitive loading.

The SkyWall100, which is effective up to 100 meters, is a portable compressed air launcher featuring an intelligent projectile with on-board countermeasures.

The launcher uses a computerized SmartScope to calculate the drone’s flight path and directs the operator on where to aim the launcher, to ensure the drone is intercepted.

When the operator pulls the trigger the projectile is programmed so that it deploys its on-board net and parachute at precisely the right time to catch the target drone.

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