ACOG: Life Before The Sandbox | Trijicon Combat Sights

Footage of troops in Afghanistan and Iraq shows many rifles…

Footage of troops in Afghanistan and Iraq shows many rifles and carbines mounting an ACOG. This optic works in all environments and offers a tactical advantage unavailable in previous conflicts: It gets our troops on target fast at longer distances.

The invention of the ACOG by Trijicon founder Glyn Bindon, has changed combat shooting forever! Such things as reticle design, eye relief, construction materials and types and shape of glass were considered and in the end, the ACOG was born. In the beginning, Mr. Bindon would build one or two ACOG’s a week, but today manufacturing runs 24-7 with hundreds of ACOGs being shipped each week.

Customer Need and Quality
Trijicon Sales Manager Myles Waterman invited me to tour the plant and see how the ACOG is made. “When I first came here almost 20 years ago, tritium pistol sights were outselling optics two to one, but that is no longer the case. Now optics, primarily the ACOG, is our most popular product,” he noted. Trijicon makes a wide selection of ACOGs, with a different reticle for each model, based on the need of the end user. “We try to meet the needs of our customer base,” Myles said.

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