ADAMS ARMS’ Gas Piston Conversion Kit

Adams Arms' "AR15 Fix" is a revolutionary new Retro-Fit Piston…


Adams Arms’ “AR15 Fix” is a revolutionary new Retro-Fit Piston Driven Cycling System for the AR15/M-16 rifle. Adams Arms piston driven systems replace the problematic impingement system currently associated with the mil-spec Ar15, m16 style rifles.

* Faster target acquisition
* Completely eliminates hot gases from entering the receiver
* Lowers recoil 30 to 40 percent by using a short stroke shaft
* Improves accuracy by lowering recoil
* Makes the weapon more reliable over a longer term of use
* Easy access from front of block with out removing hand guard

Look for more on Adams Arms’ AR15 Fix in an upcoming issue of Special Weapons for Military and Police!

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  • randy

    I recently had my gunsmith built me a new AR15. The gunsmith alone was great but the real surprise came from the precision craftsmanship of the upper we went with on the build. I am one that likes to keep my money in the area I live. So we decided to go with a Adams Arms Piston upper. After many range trips and a ton of ammo later. I can honestly say it was the best decision I have ever made. This is not my first AR15 but in my opinion it is the best AR I have ever owned. The Adams Arms upper and piston system has worked flawlessly under very heavy use. Cleaning the gun now is a quick and easy task due to the design of the their system and the coatings they use. I could not be happier with Adams Arms and the customer service I have received from them. I highly recommend this company if you are looking for a no hassle, quality built AR upper.

  • xrey

    It is now 2010, and I got my AA M4 kit for $249.99 + shipping so [prices has come down. It also came with a bolt carrier, so I only need to buy a firing pin group. It is going in an upper kit from DS Arms. As for HK, I’m sure it’s a winner, for thousands more. But that ammo you are using or your target won’t know you paid less.

  • Mr direct

    I recently saw the the Adams Arms kit is now being copied by Cmmg and several other flavor of the day companies.

  • Mike Z

    In a world of contracts, civilians pay a MAJOR premium for HK equipment. 416 uppers are serveral thousand dollars for private buyers. Only Uncle Sam gets them for sale price.

  • Bananahammock

    In a world of snappy comments, some suck.

  • Master Sergeant

    I installed AA on my 7.5″ SBR RRA AR. It fits great with the Samson pistol length quad rail. It is now one of the most reliable ARs I have ever fired. Tens of hundreds of rounds with out a malfunction. I cant wait for AA to produce retrofits for other AR caliburs so that I can convert my other ARs. AA has my business and trust in such a well built and simple functioning system.

  • I am the owner of the very 1st AA piston system, GB-0001A, I have subsequently built a 7.5″ piston SBR and am presently building a rifle-length Dissapator AA system. The AA system is the simplest, most durable system I have seen. Jason and Jim hae a real winner on their hands and I wish them all the success they deserve.
    If you want to see picture or read more go to

    As far s the comment “get the HK416”, why pay more for the same performance? Save your $$, buy the AA system and retro your existing AR.

  • Mark

    And in a world of money, some blow it like its water.

  • Mr Direct

    I bought one of these kits from adams arms for 499.00 put it on my RRA AR with a Daniels omega rail.
    and still came out 700.00 less than an HK416 and didnt have to wait 12 months to get it.
    4500 hundred rounds or so later and I have never had to clean my bolt carier group and the system runs unbelievable.
    Thanks Adams Arms for solving A problem that should have been taken care of Almost 50 years ago
    Mr Direct

  • The Shooter

    Get the HK416… In a world of compromise, some don’t…