ADCO’s Silent Partner Rechargable Flashlight

How many times did an officer or security personnel wish…

How many times did an officer or security personnel wish they had someone to corroborate what they had seen in the line of duty. Securing proof of your discoveries is an important component of any investigation. ADCO’s Silent Partner ™ has what it takes to provide hard evidence of what you run into. It is not just another rugged rechargeable flashlight.

Silent Partner has digital picture and video capabilities. One button is for light and strobe, another for digital photos and the other for digital video. The unit comes with a re-charger cable as well as a cable to download to a computer for imagery. These will be ready for the 2011 SHOT Show with some limited amounts available in time for the Christmas Season.

It weighs in at 1.5 pounds and is made of heavy duty aluminum. Don’t carry just a flashlight; carry proof. (sm) – ADCO’s Silent Partner. MSRP $399.

For more info contact ADCO, 4 Draper St., Woburn MA 01801 USA 800-775-3687 or 781-935-1799 or visit

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