Shotguns are not known for their ability to be comfortably…

Shotguns are not known for their ability to be comfortably shot by shooters of various body types. The Advanced Technology Shotforce six-position collapsible buttstock makes many fixed-stock shotguns more versatile. It is designed to fit most body types and is easily adjustable. This stock is endorsed by Department of Justice Tactical instructors and used by Law Enforcement personnel and U.S. Armed Forces around the world. Made of matte black, glass-filled nylon, it is the only collapsible stock that is engineered to fit 12 or 20 ga. Mossberg 500/590, Remington 870 and Winchester 1200/1300 pump shotguns. Each model requires the use of adaptors. A removable and adjustable cheekrest, a buttpad and a stock drop spacer are optional extras. For more info, contact:

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