Aegis Armor MK63 | HMMRD

A new generation of intermediate force weapons, the Aegis Armor MK63 is an HMMRD.

Introducing the AEGIS MARK 63 (MK63) TRIDENT, the first in a new generation of advanced intermediate force options. These Handheld, Modular, Multi-stimulus, Response Devices (HMMRDs) provide a level of scalability, safety and effectiveness that is unmatched by any other Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) solution. For more information check out


Multiple force options are combined into a single, handheld device (Laser, LEDs, Pepper Spray, Impact and NMI).

Medical safety research that was independently peer-reviewed and published prior to market launch.

Myriad of force options allows operators to transition up and down the force continuum faster, safer and more effectively.


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