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Aguila’s 7.62x51mm, 150-grain, full-metal-jacket, boat-tail loading|Photo by Panteao Productions

Aguila Ammunition’s New Tactical Rounds For 2015

With new 9mm subsonic ammo and +P centerfire pistol rounds, Aguila Ammunition is delivering exactly what tactical operators need most!

Aguila Ammunition, founded in 1961, is dedicated to the development and manufacturing of self-defense, recreational, hunting, law enforcement and military ammunition. With a wide variety of calibers from the standard to the unique, Aguila Ammunition offers high-quality rounds that cycle very reliably with remarkable consistency in terms of both velocity and accuracy. The use of Non-Corr Priming means reliable ignition in any weather condition.

This year, 2015, looks to be a very productive one for Aguila Ammunition, which has increased its distribution footprint in the United States and recently redesigned its product packaging to help customers see the caliber and chambering from a distance. In this video, you can see the new packaging for Aguila’s 7.62x51mm, 150-grain, full-metal-jacket, boat-tail loading.

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Some of the company’s new offerings include a 9mm 147-grain subsonic loading that is perfect for those who use pistols or submachine guns with sound suppressors. This affordable option should keep things hearing safe, and operators should look for it in coming months. Aguila is also offering +P loadings in all of its core centerfire pistol calibers, so shooters can pack extra-power ammo into their favorite firearms for a little more oomph to stop threats at a distance.

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